What to bring when I rent a Festihut?

  • Mattress cover (required)
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag

Do we get bedding?

There is no bedding. Everybody is obliged to use a mattress cover. So you better bring your sleeping bag, pillow and your mattress cover.

Is there electricity in a Festihut?

There is optional power package that can be added to your festihut experience, ask for more information when placing your order.

How many keys do we get?

There are 2 numbered keys/Festihut. You can leave the key to your Festihut at the reception, at the entrance to the Festi-village, and then enjoy the festival at your ease.

How much does it cost when I only stay for 1 night?

A Festihut has a fix price independent of the number of nights and the number of occupants (max. 4 per hut). Ask for more information on pricing when making your enquiry.


The weather was terrible at our last festival. Hiring out a Festihut just made everything easier and much more enjoyable.

Happy Festival Goer