About Festihuts

Fully waterproof, insulated, lockable, large windows and spacious. 

These wooden structures are so robust they can withstand any weather conditions whilst creating a comfortable and cosy internal environment that everyone can enjoy.

You can leave the key to your Festihut at the reception area, at the entrance to the Festi-village, and then enjoy the festival at your ease.

Festihut specifications

  • 1 Festihut = max. 4 persons
  • Dimensions: 3 m x 2.5 m (7.5 m²)
  • All equipped with a Free-standing Roof
  • Locking Door (with 2 keys)
  • Min. 1 Window (with locking shutter)
  • Festihut Floor min. 10 cm above the Foundation
  • Set up with bed(s) / bunk bed(s) and mattresses
  • Basic Fluorescent Light supplied
  • Optional Power Package which will include a power board so you can charge your electrical appliances at the festival


The weather was terrible at our last festival. Hiring out a Festihut just made everything easier and much more enjoyable.

Happy Festival Goer