“Event~Reality have been organizing events since ‘Noah was a boy’. These events have ranged in size and type from Classic Car Shows with 8,000 visitors to Air Shows with 100,000 visitors (in one day) to food & craft events attracting up to 30,000 visitors. We have also organized, music festivals, motorbike shows, hot air balloon festivals and concerts.

We have organised events at all times of the year and in all extremes of weather. Over the years we have used a number of marquee companies to supply our needs.

For the past 8 years all we have relied upon Tents & Events to provide marquees & cabins. They have proved to be very efficient offering high quality, reliable, equipment and excellent service. Part of our requirement is for wooden cabins. These are used at the various Celtic Fayres and their popularity has grown. When we first started offering cabins to exhibitors the uptake was quite low with around 8 cabins being used. Several years later, we now find the demand for cabins has grown significantly and we can easily have exhibitors taking 50 or more cabins at shows.

Without hesitation, I can recommend Tents & Events as suppliers of marquees & cabins.”